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What is SMS Bombing, and how to stay safe from this?

An attack in which a massive number of texts are sent to the targeted people is an SMS bombing. These unlimited messages are sent to the targeted audience in the blink of an eye, disrupting the device’s functioning. But it should be free from the use of harassment and revenge purpose. As there are many cases related to SMS Bombing that came worldwide in which the apparent purpose of the message was irritating and harassing the targeted person.

We can elaborate with examples of cases like in India. In which a person named “Nandagopal Rajan” got thousands of messages from the food delivery tenets like Zamato and many others in seconds. In July 2022, he became the primary victim of the Message Bombing. As these texts were not from his friends or family members, this was a case of harassment or revenge, which is not allowed to SMS Bomber 2022 users.

Another entity “Mehul Bhandari”, a software developer, got bombarded with texts from famous company names. Which badly irritated him. He then registered a complaint to Cyber, but it was not enough to stop that spam. Eventually, he researched details related to that tool and added his number to the blacklist to halt the bombing of the messages.

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These prank tools are mostly available online like SMS Bomber free online 2022 and BombitUp. According to a Cyber-Police expert observation, these tools use the weak API points of the targeted people to send unlimited messages. These SMS Bombing tools are very simple to use; you just have to add the phone number and amount of sending texts and start the bombing of messages.

How to stay safe from Sms Bombing?

Many legal experts state that this bombing tool is a form of harassment and revenge. They say that these tools have no proper policy for privacy. Even though these tool claims to be enjoyable sites but these can harm the feeling and device of the person. These tools can be easy to target and harass any person. Even though they claim that this website can be used only to giggle around with family and friends but it is almost impossible to monitor.

According to the law, these kinds of harassment should not be encouraged. Because such activities fall under the criminal act of cheating, dishonesty, and harassment. So this website should provide the facility in which a person who is getting such annoying texts or anyone to protect their number. Once your number is protected in that list then no one message bombs you.

How to stay safe from sms bombing

Otherwise, the targeted person can download and use Anti-SMS Bombing tools that will undoubtedly block messages coming from unknown sources. Or you can simply obstruct the number by visiting the same tool of SMS bombing. There are also many other ways to reach out to the security and cyber team to stop this spam from such SMS bombing sources. In this procedure firstly the cyber or security team makes the Application Programming Interface (the API) strong so the attacker will not reach them directly. Then after that cyber police try to block those IP addresses coming from the attackers.

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