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Best Call Bomber Online 2022

If you want to prank your friends and family members with the calls, then you are on the best Call Bomber tool website. You can dial an unlimited number of calls with the help of this Call Bombing tool. This calling tool can only be operated through this website just with the help of an internet connection.

This website offers the best Call Bombing tool to transfer your calls to friends and family. With the help of this tool, you can dial up to 300 prank calls to your friends. This tool sends the Prank missed call to the targeted friend in significantly less time. And in this tool, you can also schedule the time to send calls to your pals. So even if you are with them at that point in time, they will not recognize you as a prankster.

Information about the Call Bomber tool

NameCall Bomber
Latest Version3.0
Category/GenreSocial and Communication tools
Get it on
Last UpdateToday
Available onAll Android and iOS Devices with an Internet connection
OfferedCall Bomber

About the Call Bomber Tool

This website is distinguished in its functions and workings from the other Bombing tool. This Bombing tool is being used worldwide by people to prank their families and friends. Because it has a vast number of Application Programming interfaces, it can dial a significant number of calls Fastly.  

This Call SMS Bomber tool, not an app, cannot be downloaded on your devices. So take advantage to prank your friends with this call bombing website for free as you will be using this website to SMS Bomb your friend so your Mobile phone and number will be protected as you don’t need to insert your number while transferring the call or Text.

How to Use this Call Bombing Tool

This tool is super easy to use. Therefore, if you want to have fun with your friends with fake and funny scenarios, then follow these simple steps and enjoy;

  • Firstly, Enter the number of your target friend or close family member with the calls above in this tool.
Call Bomber
  •  Then enter the number of Prank calls you want to transfer and schedule the call time with its unique function.
Call Bomb
  • After cross-checking all the information, submit and start the fun.

Features of Call Bombing Tool

There are unlimited features of this Call Bombing tool 2022, which are as follows;

  • This Calling tool has the best User interface for the users.
  • The best feature of this tool is that it’s free of cost for users.
  • This Bomber online is User Friendly.
  • This Caller Bombing website tool Hides the Name of the individual who called.
  • And it has many surprising features for its visitors.

Minimum Requirements to use this SMS Call Bomber Tool

As we know, this tool can only be worn for enjoyment and nothing else. So one must remember the following requirements while using this fun Call and SMS Bomber tool;

  • Don’t use this Call Bombing device to take revenge or irritate anyone.
  • Don’t use this website tool for anything other than meaningful or beneficial work.
  • A person using this calling tool must have a high-frequency internet connection with their devices.
  • You must stay on one tab while using this call tool to enjoy limitlessly.


The tool is the best script that can only be used for pranks and not to harm anyone’s self-esteem. Though there are many fake Call bombers, this website tool has the highest rating of 4.5. It is the best Call pranking tool of all time and will be. Apps related to this are also downloaded by a considerable number of people who wants to prank or irritate their friend with their Calls. Still, this site, without even installation, provides more fabulous fun and satisfaction. So stay tuned for more updated fun and enjoyment with friends through prank calls and texts.

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